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First Day of School

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Dear Mom,

I’m sure that if “Professor Dad” catches site of this entry he’ll make me come up with a more appropriate word to describe the 9th grade. I am convinced, however, that proper vocabulary aside, “sucks” is the most accurate word. High School Sucks.

Today is the first day of school, although I had to go to orientation last week. I guess they thought that the shock of going into High School needed an introduction. We went from being the oldest in Middle School to being the youngest in High School. We get the crappy lockers, the cramped hallways, the worst schedules, the oldest classrooms. Small Fish, Low on the Totem Pole, the Omegas…you get it.

To add to the Suckage, Emma started bullying me again. Remember her? She’s the one that invented “Kayleigh Pee-Pee” when we were in Kindergarten. Personally I think it could be considered kinda racist since it makes fun of my hyphenated last name, although that would be giving her too much credit.

This journal assignment could be worse even if it is an assignment before school even started. Who ever heard of an assignment before school starts?  Some joint assignment between the English Department and the Guidance Counselor, Dr. Stanley.  He could have insisted we write to “Dear Diary,” but since he didn’t specify, I am writing to you, Mom, wherever you are.

I miss you,


Author: Dr. Sam

Samantha Marks, Psy.D., is a Licensed Psychologist and Author. She previously wrote columns about mental health and families for the San Juan Star, and currently writes material for Tween and Teens with both Fantasy and Mental Health themes. A Fatal Family Secret, the first book in The Files, the second book, A Treacherous Social Game, and the third book, A Perilous Blood Oath, are already released! Book four coming soon!

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