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Review: A Fatal Family Secret

An awesome review of A Fatal Family Secret!

Donovan Reads

a fatal family secret

Blogging has inspired me to make nice with other people in and out of my niche, all elbowing for that sweet slice of writing fame on the internet.  I found author Samantha Marks, Psy.D., on Facebook in this fashion and instantly joined ranks with her as a fellow Psychologist who wants to also write fiction.  (woot I have a draft of my own YA novel but it is, alas, only a full draft) We actually have a closed group if anyone who also fits this description would like in on it, you can contact me through this blog’s Facebook page, Donovan Reads, or through  But I digress.  Somewhat.

It’s no secret that Psychology and writing fiction overlap.  Both are about motivations, and change, and complex relationships and competing goals.  If the desire to write creatively isn’t beaten out of one forever in the rigors of a doctoral program in…

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