If you could change into anyone…



Samantha Marks, Psy.D.

A true Renaissance woman, Samantha plays six instruments, speaks three languages, has five degrees in Music, Education, and Psychology, and paints with Acrylics. For four years, she wrote a column for The San Juan Star in Puerto Rico, which focused on Mental Health, Education, and Parenting.

After graduating from Johns Hopkins University over 15 years ago, Samantha worked as a musician, teacher, behavioral therapist for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, writer, and as a special education coordinator before becoming a doctoral level bilingual/bicultural Psychologist.

Clients know that therapy with “Dr. Sam” is a pragmatic goal-oriented experience where they are pushed to discover more about themselves and others through cognitive behavioral, dialectic behavioral, interpersonal, and solution-oriented models. Dr. Sam enjoys teaching emotional regulation techniques and social skills to help clients improve their interpersonal relationships and social lives as part of a comprehensive therapy.

Currently she works in private practice in Columbia, Maryland, focusing on tweens, teens, and young adults.

In her spare time she plays piano, flute, and French Horn, paints canvases, and spends time with her tall dark and handsome husband from Venezuela, and their spunky daughter Sophie.


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